Billie Eilish Has Released A Surprise EP, Here’s What We Know About ‘Guitar Songs’

Heads up Billie Eilish fans.

The pop sensation has unveiled a surprise EP much to the delight of her fans. Titled ‘Guitar Songs’, Billie Eilish  showcases two new tracks — ‘TV’ and ‘The 30th’ on her brand new EP.

Eilish announced the EP’s launch yesterday on 21 July via an Instagram post, where she described the songs as “meaning so so much” to her. Only ‘The 30th’ is entirely new to fans — she debuted ‘TV’ last month during the Manchester stop of her ongoing Happier Than Ever world tour.

‘TV’ is a pensive tune centred on dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship, with references to hot button issues like the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation case and the US Supreme Court’s controversial overturning of abortion rights. (“The internet’s gone wild watching movie stars on trial/ While they’re overturning Roe vs Wade”) The track also contains audio recorded from when she performed in Manchester, with the audience joining her on the bridge.

‘The 30th’ is equally melancholic, with Eilish singing about a friend involved in an accident. Layered with harmonies, her whisper-soft voice lends an ethereal quality to the single, building up to a haunting climax in the bridge with the lyrics “If you changed anything, would you not have survived?/ You’re alive, you’re alive, you’re alive“.

According to Eilish in an interview with Apple Music, she and her brother Finneas worked on it together on December 30, and it was the first song that they had written since ‘Happier Than Ever’. “It’s called ‘The 30th’ because something happened on November 30 and it had just been the most indescribable thing to have to witness and experience,” she explained.

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Both songs are now available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and Youtube. Fingers crossed that Eilish performs them at her upcoming concert here on 21st August at the Singapore National Stadium.

Listen to ‘Guitar Songs’ here:

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