BTS, Benny Blanco Announce Release Date Of Song ‘Bad Decisions’ Featuring Snoop Dogg

“Bad Decisions,” the much-awaited song collaboration between BTS, Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco, is set for release on 5 August.

The announcement was made on social media with a hilarious video featuring BTS members and Blanco on 20 July.

Following this, Blanco shared the complete schedule around the song’s release, revealing that the track includes Snoop Dogg.

Here’s all we know about BTS, Snoop Dogg and Benny Blanco song collaboration

How the announcement was made

BTS shared the fun video on their official Twitter account. It shows four of the band members — Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook and V — in a video call with Blanco.

“What up, guys. Look, I know we haven’t known each other that long but I want to be in the band,” the American producer says in the video, adding, “I want to be in the band — I want to sing and dance. I think I could do it.”

The BTS members say “No” in unison.

Jimin then adds, “But we can make a song together.”

“Let’s make the best song in the entire world. Let’s go!” an excited Blanco replies.

Blanco then shared details of the collaboration, including the schedule of the release on Twitter.

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What the schedule includes

According to the schedule, the ‘art reveal’ of “Bad Decisions” will be done on 23 July at 12 am KST (22 July at 11 pm SGT). It will be followed by two music video trailer releases in the first week of August.

The complete music video will premiere on Blanco’s YouTube channel on 5 August at 1 pm KST (12 pm SGT).

A lyric video of “Bad Decisions” will be released on 6 August at 1 pm KST (12 pm SGT) on BTS’ official YouTube channel followed by the official visualiser two days later on Blanco’s channel.

The BTS recording sketch will be released on the K-pop supergroup’s YouTube channel on 16 August at 7 pm KST (6 pm SGT), marking the end of the schedule.

Image credit: benny blanco/@ItsBennyBlanco/Twitter

Blanco is set to release his third album later in 2022. The song, “Bad Decision,” is the first single from the album.

Snoop Dogg had earlier in 2022 confirmed that he is collaborating with BTS and Benny Blanco, but left it to the K-pop stars to divulge the details.

(Main and Featured images: BTS_official/@bts_bighit/Twitter)