The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards have released their shortlisted pictures for 2022 from around the world. The photos show a lighter side of nature and wildlife as the animals are snapped in hilarious poses, making one chuckle and wonder in amusement. This year, around 40 standalone images and 10 portfolio entries have been shortlisted worldwide.

The organisation accepted entries both from professional and amateur photographers and the final result is to be declared on 8 December. Voting lines for Affinity Photo People’s Choice Award are open and there is a cash prize of USD 561 for a lucky draw winner. Voting lines will close on 27 November.

Take a look at some of the humorous captures

The cutest shortlisted entries include a farting zebra, two monkeys playing doctor and nurse, some wallabies enjoying the sunset, a waving raccoon, an angry penguin giving a sassy look to its partner and a duck running along a row of terrapins. Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards also allows you to buy prints of your favourite goofy animals from the shortlisted categories at their online store.

About the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Founders Paul Joynson-Hicks MBE and Tom Sullam started Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards in 2015 to help steer a passion for wildlife among people and also take forward the concept of conservation through this competition. The founders, with their decades of experience in East Africa, want to promote sustainability globally through these awards.

The best feature about this competition is that it is free and open to all – photography novices and experts alike. This year the organisation is working with a UK-based charity Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) and will be donating ten percent of their revenue to the same.

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(Main and featured image credit: ©Jennifer