The Mixed Life: Braun Buffel Plays With Contrast this Autumn Winter

Marrying classic constructions with innovative accents, the Braun Buffel Autumn/Winter 2022 collection is inspired by the desire to bring forth emotions of familiarity while breaking free of the mundane.

The unfamiliar meets the familiar at Braun Buffel’s Autumn/Winter 2022 collection, dubbed The Mixed Life, where the art of juxtaposition takes centrestage. “The Mixed Life is a juxtaposition of materials observed within different environments,” the press release highlights. “The use of mixed textures in each series architects a playful ensemble of pieces that delicately navigates the bold use of geometrics against supple textures and forms.”

Flaunting captivating elements, the collection embodies modern vintage through the amalgamation of vintage references, ultra-soft leathers, experimental textures, alluring curves and tone-on-tone accents. Think timeless styles with a contemporary twist.

Within the collection, the Foam and Decap are the first series to arrive in stores. Reflecting the brand’s exceptional fine workmanship and classic elegance, the latter captures the love for exploration, a desire to uncover different aspects of life. Decap, short for décapoter, boasts sleek silhouettes with stunning structured corner panel details that complement the angular front and back panels. Conceived with adjustable straps, a unique zipper design, and fine-grain printed calf with trimmed nappa, the series carries bags for all occasions. While the briefcase jazzes up formal ensembles with ease, the large clutch and medium cross-shoulder sling elevate everyday and dressy edits.

The Foam line-up sees the same versatility, housing a medium postman, medium cross sling bag and medium backpack – all bold and padded. The absolutely comfortable carriers, like the series’ moniker, resemble fluffy foams, thanks to the intricate quilting pattern. Adding an edge to the cosy designs, Braun Buffel cleverly worked the ‘U’ from its logo into the quilt stitches on a soft nylon fabric to present a unique and modern motif. A cherry-on-top, the fidlock closure enhances the rugged aesthetic. For travel or as statement-making accessories, Foam doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort or vice versa.

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As these series only mark the start of a new season for Braun Buffel, one can expect a heap of other voguish styles to come.

(Images: Braun Buffel The Mixed Life)