Where To Go For The Flakiest Circular Croissants In Singapore

Croon, croll, or a social media eye roll: whatever you call it, the circular croissant has been blowing up online recently, and bakeries in Singapore are now serving them. Here are seven of the best places to try one.

Much like the cruffin, the internet-famous pastry is made with laminated croissant dough and fashioned into a thick disc shape similar to a dense kouign amann. Custard is piped into the middle before baking, and it comes topped with a glaze and other condiments.

Flavours currently in the market include the classic chocolate and pistachio, while a number of bakeries are serving Asian ingredients such as green tea, black sesame, and pandan. Savoury versions are popping up too, most notably from La Levain, which halves their croons into a sandwich and deck them out with cheese. See below for more.

Where to get the best circular croissants (aka croons) in Singapore

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Located in Bras Basah, Gamo is a Halal-certified bakery churning out Japanese- and French-influenced pastries, including their recently launched circular croissants. Available in three flavours, kaya sees the the circular croissant filled with coconut pandan custard, while matcha white chocolate combines green tea’s earthiness with creamy chocolate. Then there’s the namesake goma, or Japanese for sesame, which brings together black sesame and charcoal. Only available on the weekends for walk-in customers.

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S$7 each

Keong Saik Bakery

Keong Saik Bakery’s croissant rolls – they call it crolls – are tinier than most, which they say follow a pastry created by UK bakery Overjar. There’s the savoury Cacio e Pepe inspired by the iconic Roman dish, as well as the sweet pistachio praline, Milo, and genmaicha. Their Keong Saik Road branch also offers two exclusive flavours: Kaya Lychee and Black Sesame.

S$3.90 each, dine-in only
S$14 per box of four

La Levain

La LeBombz, La Levain’s take on the trend, offer the most extensive flavours currently in the market. Savoury versions of the circular croissants here include mushroom, camembert, and bechamel sauce, Parma ham, emmental, and honey mustard,  as well as Truffle Cream Cheese. For sweets, the bobochacha puts a local spin on the pastry with sweet potato, yam, coconut cream, and vanilla. The bakery bakes between 10 to 30 examples each day, which you can pre-order.

S$6.20 – S$9.50 each


Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

Nuage Patisserie & Boulangerie

Nuage, which is French for cloud, unveils its rendition of the circular croissant called pom pom. The pastries come in five flavours such as dark chocolate, raspberry pistachio, and black forest, which is ladened with dark chocolate and kirsch-soaked cherries. There’s also the Japanese-inspired matcha azuki, and black sesame with soft, chewy mochi.

S$6.50 – S$7.20 each

Windowsill Pies

Based in Joo Chiat, Windowsill Pies offers croons in a box of five flavours: lemon strawberry, pistachio, roasted sesame, hazelnut with dark chocolate, and pandan custard. They only sell them through pre-orders for the following week, which you can get by contacting them on Instagram or Facebook.

S$38 per box of five

Yeast Side

Yeast Side’s swirls are made from French butter and a blend of French and Japanese flours, which are fermented for up to two days. Flavours include vanilla and pistachio topped with dried rose petals, almond, Blackforest containing wine-soaked cherries, kirsch, dark chocolate ganache and Chantilly cream, lemon yuzu meringue, and Kuro Goma, or black sesame tofu custard with crumble and sesame mochi topping. Available online or at their Farrer Park location.

S$8.60 – S$10.70 per piece